A letter to Apple

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Our mission is to bring people together in real life

Dear Apple,

Vybe Together is a live experience app with the mission to bring people together in real life.

You convicted us without giving us a trial that we are an underground party app. We are more than what you labeled us. In fact, who are you to label us? Also, hosting parties is not illegal in the entire world. Can we be allowed to operate where it is?

On Vybe Together you will find adventure! And people that like to do more than just sit at home. You can find one of a kind events hosted by local event planners, musicians and entrepreneurs.

We have tried calling to no avail. Could you reason with us? Please we don’t qualify for Covid relief and we don’t have another way of making a living. New York eviction letters will be mailed out May 1st.

Your peasant company Vybe Together