The party director

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Good parties are rare

In a time after Covid, where nightclubs have gone bankrupt, it’s for the real life Director to be in the spotlight. The one that creates that magic vybe that makes the guests be comfortable, goofy and their best selves.

It’s a tough job, and people that know how to throw a good party always appreciate the work of other Directors. However, most parties aren’t great, and if you are throwing trash ones you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re probably saying to yourself “All you need is a DJ, proper lightning, and liquor, right?”. Well, not really.

Directors are in charge of the energy of a party. They make sure the crowd has enough space to be themselves but not enough space to be aware of everything that goes around them.

With legacy competition shrinking due to COVID-19, these directors will go on to create private vybes, and they’ll become freelance event organizers. It’s our mission at Vybe Together to make them succeed and make sure they create the next great festivals, concerts, parties, etc.

We are directing our own parties, and it is amazing. If you want to go on one, checkout Vybe Together. Cheers.