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Vybe Together gets you into vybes you didn’t even know were happening.

Vybe Together gets you into places you didn’t even know existed. The best social app for IRL experiences, Vybe gives you the dopest real-life experience marketplace in the form of an intuitive, Tinder-like platform that makes it easy to swipe on events near you, RSVP to them, and go having fun.

Take Instagram’s Vacations page as an example; with 3.3 million followers, the page showcases cool events and vibes happening around the world; but us, the users - can we attend them? Can we even get more details on them? Not really. And this is where Vybe enters the picture; Vybe will tell you exactly where the event is happening, when, and how to go and attend it!

The cool thing is that everyone can be a host; all you need to do is sign up as a user and list events. Those can be either private or public. The public ones will appear on everyone’s feed, and the private ones will appear on the Invitee’s feed. The host swipes on users to choose who attends. Why? Because they want to know who they invite, the same way guests will check on the guy who invited them to a private event.

And this is where safety comes in. Yes - you can go on an event on Eventbrite, but do you know the host? Are you sure you’re not gonna get kidnapped? On Vybe, you’ll see information on the event, but most important - you’ll see a full profile of the host - their bio, visuals, past Vybes (short video clips), and other social media accounts. Same goes for hosts- they can get to know their potential guests. By doing all that, we make sure that you feel like you know those you’re gonna Vybe with - they’re not strangers any more.

Hosts can find so much more on Vybe, though. From swiping on potential guests to selling tickets, Vybe makes it a lot easier to organize social, real-life events of all kinds. Promoters, for example, who wish to invite a few people to a party they promote - go on Vybe, choose a few users to invite, and wait for them to approve or decline. If they approve, the promoters can sell them a ticket or give them a free pass. This way, instead of blasting their contact list with spammy messages, they can find friends and new people to ask to join.

So what are you waiting for? Go on Vybe = go experience real life to its fullest.