App Store vs. Freedom

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

App Store vs Freedom

Our fight is with Apple. However, this applies to Google, Facebook, and any company that has a monopoly and hides behind their Community Guidelines in order to stay friendly with the political elite.

In The Lord of The Rings: The Twin Towers, Théoden, the king of Rohan, is possessed by Wormtongue. Wormtongue has corrupted the legitimate king, made him powerless and silent. To keep his power, Wormtongue argues that he is following the King’s will. In actuality, he is pushing his own agenda and does not care about the king or the people. He is a villain; what we think of as the worst of society - evil, coward, and pulling the strings.

Ask yourself - are Tim Cook and the C-suites at App Store Wyrmtongue's distant cousins? Tim is not the King of the people; no one is in America. Yet he rules like one and is hiding behind LLCs.

America advertises itself as an entrepreneurial country; where your birthright does not determine your destiny; where if you work hard there is hope. But in 2021 that is no longer true. In 2021, if you work hard there is hope so long as you don’t offend App Store’s App Review Team, or Tim Cook himself. When did we as a society become that?

Why can’t we settle this in the American way, with a judge and a jury chosen by the state? Apple’s App Store acted like a jury and a judge, shutting down Vybe within 8 minutes. Is the App Store American Capitalism or Chinese Communism? The App Store’s Legal Team is (as far as I know) American, so why are they acting in an un-American way? How can they judge and evict without having a sense of guilt?

If a city or a state does not allow Vybe Together to operate let us settle it with them. We were never sued by anyone. No one wanted us to stop existing. So why do you meddle, App Store?

America is not what it used to be. The inheritors of others' success have corrupted it with fancy words and greed. Is your status really that important, Tim Crook, so important that you are willing to forget the american values?

I, Alexandar Dimcevski (Macedonian & Swedish), am more American than you.

Let us into the App Store or let there be more than one way to download apps. You are not a king. You are a citizen. An American. A regular Joe. Please remember that.